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Food storage containers are used for holding food at room temperature, in the refrigerator or in the oven. You need to know about the food storage for use it wisely. Otherwise, you will not get the best services from it. There are different types of food storage and their usage is different also. You can’t use one container in the refrigerator and microwave oven. Different storage use for different purpose.

food storage containers

If you know best about the food storage type then you can store food fresh and hygienically. There are a few factors, you should consider to choose the right food container.

  • What type’s food you store in it. Hot or cold?
  • Will you store food in the fridge or freezer?
  • Will it use for an outdoor purpose: lunch, picnic, school.
  • Will you use this container in the microwave to heat the food?
  • Will you use a dishwasher or other?

There is a wide range of food container made with plastic, glass, acrylic, Stainless steel or ceramic. Different food storage comes with different features. Some are microwave safe, some can store in the fridge or some are washable with dishwasher.

You can choose your storage container with the relevance of your using sector.

Types of food storage container:

There are 5 kinds of food storage we can use as usual. These are:

  • Plastic food storage container.
  • Glass food storage container.
  • Stainless steel food container.
  • Ceramic food storage container.
  • Acrylic food storage container.

Plastic food storage container:

Vastly usable food storage containers are made with plastic. Plastic is available, very easy to use and cheaper than other materials. This is the reason for using plastic food storage so much. Before you start using plastic food storage you need to know some fact about it. It is very important for personal and environmental health. Here the facts of plastic food storage.

Know the code:

At the bottom of the plastic food containers, you will get a code. It inside the triangle. Inside the triangle, you will get a number range 1 to 7. This indicates the plastic materials. The safest numbers for food are 1, 2, 4 and 5.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding container with the codes 2, 6 and 7. These contain different harmful chemicals like vinyl, PVC, BPA.

Keep it cool:

Although, plastic made food storage is strong and last long but it can break down over time. It will lose its longevity with high temperature. If you use it in the cool environment then it will serve you for a long time.

You should pick the plastic food containers wisely and limit their use to cold food storage. It can be ideal for food transporting or store food at room temperature.

You can choose glass or stainless steel food storage for hot food. Both are ideal for reuse and store food.

Glass food container:

 Glass food container can be the perfect solution for food storage. Generally, glass food storage has a plastic lid for sealing the food airtight. Glass containers are available in the clear, frosted and colored. It is very good for storing food in the room temperature or in the refrigerator.  It keeps food fresh. Some glass container can use in the microwave oven.


Glass storage does not stain, peel or change the taste of your food that you store in it. Glass storage is breakable and needs to handle with care.

Stainless steel food container:

The stainless steel food container is long lasting, shiny. It will give you an elegant look for a countertop, cabinet. Clear acrylic lids give airtight facilities. You can use it to store your food, can transport food for picnic, office or other working places. You can also use this storage in the stove top, refrigerator, and oven. You can also use a dishwasher for it.

food storage containers

This stainless steel container comes with different shapes and size. You can choose the best size for you.

It is non-breakable and lightweight so you not need to worry about handle with care.

Ceramic food storage container:

The ceramic food storage container can be a perfect choice for you. It is sturdy and breakable and can come with different tops. You can lock it two or four sides. Like plastic and steel food storage it also comes with many size and types. Many ceramic storages have an antique look. It will decorate your countertop and cabinet very well.

Most people love it for its design.

Acrylic food storage container:

Acrylic food storage containers are clear and have a lid on it. It comes with different heights and shapes. Like other design, these can be rectangle, square, round.


Among all these types of containers, we all prefer plastic and glass. Now I compare both to choose the best.

Plastic Or Glass: Which type is best?

To compare among plastic and glass food storage container we consider some facts.  Here is the result.

For the environment: Glass:

Recycling: With the care of recycling we choose the glass made food storage. They are 100% recyclable. Plastic is also recyclable but the principal amount is not able to recycle. According to the recent statistic, approximately 6300 metric tons of plastic had been generated in 2015. Only 9% can be recycled and the rest remains wastage.

For your health: Glass

Even when you choose BPA-free plastic, but it can endocrine-disrupting chemical may migrate into your food. Glass container not spread any harmful chemical into your food. It may break easily but you will not be affected with harmful chemicals.

For bringing your lunch to work: Plastic

The plastic container is the best option for transporting your food. They are lightweight than glass and will not break into pieces when it falls down. With all these qualities, plastic container can be your perfect choice for lunch carrying.

For storing leftovers in the fridge and freezer: Glass

For storing food in fridge and freezer glass food container is perfect. Glass container is safe for fridge and freezer. It is also leak proof, tight seal, and easy to clean. You also not have to worry about chemicals also.

For space saving: Plastic

Plastic containers are best for space saving. You can store many containers in the bag or rack. You can use it camping, picnics, traveling.

How you use food storage containers:

Using food storage containers is very easy. You just need some care when you using it. Plastic food storage containers are not dishwasher safe. To wash is dishwasher you can use glass food storage container.

  • To store your existing food you should use glass or stainless steel food storage.
  • To transport your food use plastic food storage.
  • For long lasting use, you can choose stainless steel and plastic food storage.
  • For modern design, you can choose ceramic food storage.
  • For space saving use plastic food storage.

Food storage containers are very essential for our daily usage. We need to care about it. If we select the best one then it will very helpful for us.

If you have any questions then you can tell us in the comment. If you need more tips for making your living easy, visit our blog.

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Hi, I am Olivia. I am an interior designer and writer. I like to share my design sense and tips with you. You are very welcome to my website.

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